At the Forefront
of Innovation

Our pilot plant is in itself a revolution.

You get the same equipment as in our production plants, with greater flexibility and speed in the development and validation phases. Your products get to market faster and risks are better managed.

The right equipment is key

The innovation center uses three injection presses and two IML robots to mold samples and products for physical properties testing. Everything is taken into account during design, including shape, strength under specific conditions, useful life when exposed to extreme environments, conservation of content integrity, transparency, and color.

Quick prototypes at a lower cost

The innovation center is the ideal environment to make products from prototype molds designed by our specialists. This approach gives us the freedom to test different shapes, resins, and labels. You get physical parts, identical to mass production ones, that you can show or use to carry out market tests. This means: the right products when you need them at an attractive development cost.

Secure your investment

Production at the innovation center makes it possible to establish process parameters, define recipes, validate product performance, and confirm the optimal manufacturing costs. It facilitates the transition from prototyping to mass production. With this approach there are no bad surprises!

The most advanced testing

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can perform physical, chemical, and mechanical testing that complies with ASTM and ISO standards at different temperatures. The quality and thoroughness of our protocols allows us to develop custom tests and facilitate the integration of our products into your operations.

Impeccable visual details

With our high-precision cutting table, we can quickly and inexpensively test the effect of the IML label on product integrity. You can also verify a number of shapes, graphics, substrates, and finishes to maximize visual impact.

World-class partners

You are supported by the best, whatever the challenge. To assist you in developing your product, our network of academic partners gives you access to scientific knowledge and highly specialized laboratories. These benefits complement our knowledge and capabilities perfectly.