Be Attractive

Injection In Mold Labeling

In Mold Labeling (IML) is the most spectacular and the most sought after method for the decoration of plastic containers. This unique process consists of introducing a label within the mold prior to running the injection. The result, a strong design that is fused to the plastic and displays distortion-free full color high-quality graphics that make your products stand out. A remarkable decoration doesn’t just identify your product, it distinguishes it and makes it attractive to consumers. IPL is the North American pioneer in IML labeling and masters this process perfectly. It’s up to you to benefit from IML! Distinguish yourself by upgrading your products with an IML decoration!

  • Photo quality graphics
  • Complete surface coverage
  • Elimination of self-adhesive labels of your operations
  • Not affected by water and scratch resistant
  • Additional UV ray protection available
  • Container 100% recyclable because the label is made of plastic

Dry offset

IPL offers the opportunity to decorate nearly all of its bucket and lid models with Dry Offset printing. The possibilities are endless with this process, which allows up to 4 colors on the lids and up to 7 colors on the containers with a font of 8 points or more. At IPL, we keep an eye  on our Dry Offset printing to always ensure consistent quality. No fear of miss-reading your UPC codes in store because each one of them is tested before the products are shipped. Simplify your operations by letting us help decorate your packages!