Taking Out the Garbage
Never Looked so Good

IPL offers a comprehensive range of injection-molded containers built to resist the worst weather conditions. We focus on creating attractive carts tailored to consumers’ essential needs. IPL carts are manufactured and tested to meet all American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements, ensuring years of dependable service and peace of mind for all our customers.

At IPL, we take the time to understand where our products will be used, whether in scorching heat or bone-chilling cold. What’s more, we look at carts the same way other people look at cars—with an eye-catching design. Every single IPL bin comes with a 10-year warranty and a 20-year life expectancy, even in the worst conditions.

When you choose IPL, you choose a recognized, industry-leading product. IPL carts are the choice of cities across North America and are available at many leading retailers.



Where to find us in Canada

Where to find us in Canada