Specialized Products

  • Milk Crate: 0.87 ft3 (24.6 L)
  • Freezer Tray: 1.04 ft3 (29.5 L)
  • Lobster Crate: 3.9 ft3 (110.4 L)
  • Lobster Tray: 3.2 ft3 (90.6 L)
IPL has a multitude of products designed for specialized applications. Our good old fashion classic products that never lost a beat. These products are so robust they will keep working for you in years to come. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our full line of products. (Milk Crate, StackNest Freezer Tray, Lobster Crate, Lobster Tray)


Perfect for dairy industry and diverse handling.

Stacknest Freezer Tray

Ideal for bakery industry and fisheries.

Lobster Crate

Designed for lobster fishing.

Lobster Tray

Perfect for lobster farming.


Milk Crate

StackNest Freezer Tray

Lobster Crate

Lobster Tray

Lobster Tray Divider

Download the specification sheet below for more detailed information about our Specialized Products Series. Should you have any question, IPL customer care will be happy to answer your call at 1-800-463-0270.

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