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IPL’s Integrated Supply Chain team is pleased to announce an initiative that will improve transportation management processes in North America through automation and optimization with the use of a Transportation Management System (TMS). IPL has partnered with TMC for this initiative.TMC is a division of C.H. Robinson which offers Managed TMS®, a unique combination of TMS software, logistics process management, and consulting services. TMC is a 3rd-party carrier-neutral service company. TMC does not generate revenue by transporting freight, but rather technology deployment, day-to-day TMS operations, and ongoing process optimization. For IPL, TMC will be responsible for freight tendering and execution of IPL’s shipments throughout North America.

It is important to mention that under this new partnership, IPL will retain the direct control and management of carrier relationships including selection and use of carriers included in IPL’s routing guides, as well as the negotiation of rates and contracts with transportation service providers.

Some of the anticipated benefits of utilizing TMC include:

• Support IPL’s business growth while leveraging TMC capabilities for freight and carrier management with improved freight control processes;
• Online tracking of shipments with visibility to key milestones/metrics;
• Decrease variability of transit times through carrier metrics and performance;
• Inbound and outbound shipment management with full visibility;
• Freight payment to transportation service providers;
• Freight optimization and savings;

IPL’s Transportation team, in partnership with TMC, will be scheduling training with every IPL plant to insure a smooth and successful implementation of TMC.We appreciate everyone’s support and partnership during this process.

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