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Transportation Management System

IPL St-Damien inbound transportation routing guide

The IPL St-Damien Integrated Supply Chain team is pleased to announce an initiative that will improve transportation management processes in North America through automation and optimization with the use of a Transportation Management System (TMS) for inbound shipments where IPL is payor for freight. You can refer to the instructions below to book the proper transportation servic.

- Parcels with a total weight of 150 lbs or 150 cubic pounds or less: please use FEDEX or Purolator through
  your actual system or access or
  Above 150 cubic pounds, please ship as LTL.

  To calculate the cubic pounds:
  L (po) x L (po) x H (po) / 139 = x (rounded up)
  Ex : 12''x 12''x 12'' = 1728 / 139 = 12.43 rounded up at 13 cubic lbs
  Using this example, you could ship up to 11 boxes for a total of 143 cubic lbs.
  If 12 boxes, this would be a 156 cubic lbs shipment, therefore must be shipped as LTL on a skid.

- For TL or LTL shipments please log on and follow the SOP available in the
 "View Documents" in the left section of the main screen.


To request your credentials, please send an email to
Allow 24 business hours to receive your credentials. Once you have your credentials, please follow  SOP available in the "View Document" in the left section of the main screen.