Innovation Has Always
Fascinated Us

Innovation is the core of our culture.

And the IPL innovation center is a direct result of that. Here, our highly qualified team develops new products that push the limits using state-of-the-art technology and equipment in an environment dedicated to innovation.

Plastics experts

Our know-how comes from our solid product development experience in the plastics industry. With our extensive top-notch expertise, we fine-tune every product detail, improve your productivity, and make your brand stand out on the shelf.

Thinking green

Sustainable development is a priority for us. Here are some tangible advances we have made:

  • Reduction in the use of plastic by up to 50% compared to standard rigid packaging.
    Learn more about SkinnyPack™ technology.
  • Reduction of our ecological footprint up to 40% increase in the number of containers loaded on each pallet.
    Learn more about TrustPack™.
  • Use of an optimal combination of postconsumer resin.
  • Internal reuse of all postproduction resins as part of our “zero waste” culture.
  • Reduction of our energy consumption by making thinner products using faster molding cycles and energy-efficient machines.

Plastic, it’s our science

We understand plastics at a molecular scale. With our expertise, we ensure your products will be developed with a resin that conforms to your industry’s regulations, contains no prohibited substances, and is perfect for its intended use. This knowledge helps minimize plastic consumption.

An engineered design

IPL Designers and Engineers use different high performance software for mold flow simulation and finite element analysis (FEA) to design concept from initial needs definition through to the final deliverable product.
These tools allow to optimize design and product performance. Moreover they ensure significant reduction of the development time, lower total cost of project and faster time to market.

Ultimate decoration

IPL is the first company in North America to integrate in-mold-labeling (IML) technology. Our vast experience allows us to optimize all technical aspects of labeling. Moreover, we use the best material to withstand the specific and extreme conditions in your market, while making sure your products shine on the shelves.